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  • 27 Jan 2021 12:30 PM | Christine Heggart (Administrator)

    Click this link to be redirected to Government of Canada website with consultation forums at the bottom of the page. Consultation closes February 3, 2021.

    Transport Canada wants to hear from stakeholders and the Canadian public. Your opinions and feedback are important.

    There are about 14,000 public and 9,000 private grade crossings along more than 40,000 kilometers of federally-regulated railway tracks in Canada.

    The Grade Crossings Regulations and Grade Crossings Standards help improve safety by setting broad and enforceable safety standards for both new and existing grade crossings in Canada.

    More information about the Grade Crossing Regulations(External link)

    The regulations require any railway company, road authority or private owner of an existing crossing to comply with the requirements of the regulations by November 28, 2021.

    Over the past year, stakeholders have expressed concerns about the deadline and their ability to meet the requirements.

    Public crossings

    Due to the ongoing pandemic, municipalities and railway companies are faced with increasing challenges to make the upgrades required by the regulations. With only one construction season left, their ability to meet the 2021 deadline is almost impossible since most public crossings still need work.

    Private crossings

    Railway companies had issues identifying private crossing owners which delayed their assessments of work to be done, and they have just started communicating the results of these assessments. There are concerns over costs and future access to property. Since only a few private crossings already comply with the 2021 requirements, it is unlikely that all private crossings will be compliant by the deadline.

    Transport Canada has looked at the situation and is considering a plan to address it.

    Transport Canada is proposing a tiered, risk-based approach to changing the regulations. This approach would help us respond to stakeholders’ concerns while also keeping our original safety goals intact.

    1. Change the scope of the regulations so that defined low-risk crossings don’t need to meet all requirements

    The regulations would be updated so that low-risk public and private crossings don’t need to meet all requirements. This permanent change would affect grade crossings with very low train and traffic volumes (like many field-to-field crossings used by farmers, as well as public and private crossings on rail lines that are no longer being used). We would develop a measurable way to identify whether a crossing is low-risk.

    These changes would address concerns from private landowners who are facing high costs for upgrading crossings that see little traffic. It would also allow companies and road authorities to avoid spending money to upgrade grade crossings that they won’t be using.

    2. Extend the deadline using a risk-based approach for all grade crossings

    Extending the deadline using a risk-based approach would allow parties to prioritize work and resources to focus on compliance for the highest-risk crossings as quickly as possible. Since the current regulations don’t include such a process and given the amount of work to do, railway companies and road authorities are not able to use the existing framework to address the emerging issues.

    Transport Canada is proposing to extend the deadline by:

    • one year for high-risk grade crossings and
    • three years for all other crossings

    Transport Canada would develop a measurable way to identify whether a crossing is high risk.

    Safety at crossings is still a priority. These changes would give all stakeholders the time to agree on work plans, get funding, and make the required upgrades. The safety benefits would be kept by making sure that crossings that are considered high-risk are dealt with first.

    For additional information contact Rail Safety Consultations (TC) link)

  • 11 Jan 2021 5:05 PM | Christine Heggart (Administrator)

    RMA is hosting informational webinars for RMA and AMSA members.

    The series of webinars will generally be scheduled the second Wednesday of the month going forward.

    The first 15 minutes of each webinar will feature RMA focused information followed by 45 minute presentations spearheaded by an RMA Vendors.

    The details for RMA's first webinar is as follows: 

    January 13 at 10AM

    Presenter: Troy Sawada, Director, Major Accounts, NAPA Auto Parts

    Topic: RMA-NAPA Renewed Partnership

    Short Description: Late last year, NAPA Auto Parts was awarded as the RMA approved supplier for a renewed and expanded Auto Parts Program. Troy Sawada, the Director, Major Accounts for NAPA, will give members an overview of the benefits available as part of this exciting change!

    The webinar will be held via Zoom. Please register in advance.

    RMA's next webinar will be February 10 at 10 AM – featuring ARMTEC.

    Details for registration will follow.

  • 26 Oct 2020 7:30 AM | Christine Heggart (Administrator)

    The M.D. of Provost No. 52 is currently accepting tenders to purchase the following units:  Click here for list with pictures.

    1.     Unit # 44-020 2008 Midland Triaxle Cross Dump Trailer S/N: 2MFB2S4D18R004906

    2.     Unit # 44-012 2005 Midland Gravel Trailer S/N: 2MFB2S4D25R003386

    3.     Unit # 56-047 2001 Ford F-450 Cab & Chassis S/N: 1FDXF47F81EC81365

    ODO: 187,016 KMS

    4. Unit # 55-034 2008 Kenworth T800 S/N: 1NKDLBOX78J934761

    ODO: 610,744 KMS

    5.     Unit # 44-024 2009 Midland Pony Pup Trailer S/N: 2MFA2R7D39R005900

    6.     Unit # 44-025 2009 Midland Pony Pup Trailer S/N: 2MFA2R7D59R005901

    7.     Unit # 53-123 2012 International 7600 6x4 Gravel/Sander/Plow Truck

    S/N: 1HTGSSJTOCH552295 ODO: 210,929 KMS

    8. Unit # 51-057 2009 Ford F-150 4X4 S/N: 1FTPX14V19FA22573

    ODO: 318, 375 KMS

    9. Unit # 43-130 2014 JD 850K Crawler Dozer S/N: 1T0850KXCEE262918

    6548 HRS (Reserve Bid: $165,000)

    10.Unit #53-035 2008 Kenworth T800 S/N 1XKDDBOX58J934762

    ODO: 696,940 KMS

    All of the above are available for viewing by appointment only.

    For appointments or more information, please call Tyler Lawrason at 780-753-2434.

    Tenders for any or all of the above units are to be submitted in a sealed envelope, clearly marked

    M.D. of Provost 2020 November Vehicle Disposal Tender

    and are to be addressed to:

    Tyler Lawrason, Administrator

    M.D. Administration Office,

    Box 300; 4504 – 53rd Avenue, Provost, Alberta T0B 3S0

    Tenders are to be submitted not later than 12:00 noon on Tuesday, November 24, 2020.

    PLEASE NOTE: No faxes or emai ls accepted for tenders .

    Faxed amendments will be accepted as long as the original tender is not disclosed. The M.D. reserves the right to reject any or all bids submitted or any part and the highest of any bid will not necessarily be accepted. Please include G.S.T. in the quote.

    A decision will be made on Thursday, November 26, 2020.

    Items purchased are sold AS IS.

  • 23 Oct 2020 7:00 AM | Christine Heggart (Administrator)

    Kneehill County is accepting sealed bids for the sale of assorted equipment. This is a sealed bid auction with set reserves on most items. Bidders and bid amounts will not be made public.

    Auction ends November 9, 2020, at 11:59:59 AM. 

    Click this link to be redirected to the auction website in order to view equipment for auction.


    • Equipment can be viewed, during business hours of 7 AM to 3 PM, at the Kneehill County Maintenance Shop Yard located at 205 – 1st Ave West, Three Hills, Alberta
    • Due to health and safety regulations viewing will be by appointment only. Please contact the Purchasing Department to arrange a time, 403-443-5541. 
    • Some of the equipment is still in use as they are waiting to be prepared for sale, so current hours or mileage may be more than listed. Where possible, the operator’s and maintenance manuals will be included with the sale of the equipment.

    Submission of Bids

    • Bidders may submit Sealed Bids only up to 11:59:59 AM Alberta Time on November 9, 2020.
    • Bidder must indicate name and address clearly in the upper left-hand corner of a sealed envelope so that the Bid submission can be identified. Please mark which piece of equipment the bid is for on the front of the envelope. 
    • Sealed Bids will be accepted from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, by hand, courier or mail. Bidders may submit bids at the following location only:
      • Main Office: 1600, 2nd Street North East, PO Box 400, Three Hills, AB, T0M 2A0.
        (Please note a secure mail drop box is located outside the County Administration Office.)
    • Bids by electronic or facsimile will NOT be accepted.
  • 30 Sep 2020 5:02 PM | Christine Heggart (Administrator)

    AMSA's Executive Team recently made the difficult decision to cancel the Fall 2020 AMSA Convention and to postpone the Annual General Meeting until the new year, with hopes of being able to host in person convention and AGM in March 2021. 

    AMSA intends to comply with all provincial directives for gatherings to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

    At this time AMSA's Executive Team didn't feel the investment to host a virtual convention would provide the same level of engagement and value for AMSA members, and will be working on a plan for continued professional development and networking opportunities moving into the New Year.  

    AMSA's Executive will develop a plan this fall to continue to engage with AMSA's membership and will be exploring with Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) the opportunity to have enhanced calendar of AMSA zone meetings. Smaller scale regional gatherings, whether in person or virtual, may provide the interim solution until we can all meet again collectively.   

    AMSA will continue to keep its members posted on leadership and training opportunities and what AMSA has in store into the New Year.  Please do stay tuned. 

  • 22 Sep 2020 7:35 AM | Christine Heggart (Administrator)

    The RMA Fall 2020 Convention will be a virtual event, details coming soon

    Due to restrictions on gathering sizes as a result of COVID-19, the RMA Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to move the 
    RMA 2020 Fall Convention to a completely virtual format. To accommodate this format, the Fall Convention is being condensed to two days: November 3 and 4, 2020. The RMA board and staff recognize that not being able to get together in person is disappointing, as one of the key benefits of the convention is the networking opportunities. We will be working hard to ensure that the event continues to be interactive and look forward to engaging with members through a virtual platform.

    RMA will share additional details of the upcoming virtual convention in the weeks to come. Below is some initial information related to convention registration and programming.



    Online registration for the fall convention will open in early October.


    Convention Program

    RMA is making every effort to include the elements that have made past conventions a success. The convention program is being developed with key program items, including RMA’s Annual General Meeting, resolutions session, and elections for board positions.  Ministers forum, government plenaries, and educational sessions will also be scheduled.


    Convention Hotel Bookings

    RMA has cancelled all convention hotel room blocks and there is no need for individuals to call hotels directly to cancel.

    Please visit the 
    RMA Convention Website and continue to watch for bulletins in the Contact newsletter for more information.

    Cindy Carstairs
    Administrative and Convention Coordinator

    Tasha Blumenthal
    Director of External Relations & Advocacy

  • 22 Sep 2020 7:00 AM | Christine Heggart (Administrator)
    Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) is pleased to announce an update to the Wetland Assessment and Impact Form (WAIF), which will take effect on September 21, 2020.

    The following activity has been added to the list of eligible low risk activities that now require a WAIF rather than a full Wetland Assessment and Impact Report (WAIR):

    • widening, improvements or maintenance of existing roads that take place within a registered road plan right of way

    In the previous version of the WAIF, road activities within 15 m from the centerline of an existing road were allowed to use the WAIF, whereas road work beyond this footprint required a field-based wetland assessment and a more comprehensive report. This change will reduce red tape by allowing more flexible and less costly wetland assessments within a larger project area (i.e., the registered road plan). The WAIF is supported by the desktop-based Alberta Wetland Rapid Evaluation Tool – D (ABWRET-D).

    Additional measures to streamline the regulatory process and reduce wait times for Water Act approvals are under development.

    To what activities does the change apply?

    Tables 1 and 2 have been modified to state that a WAIF will be accepted for “Widening, improvements or maintenance of an existing road within a registered road plan right of way or within 15 m from the centerline of an existing unregistered or private road. This does not include new road construction.” New road construction still requires a WAIR.

    A registered road is typically managed by Alberta Transportation or a municipality. An unregistered or private road is typically owned by an individual or company. Examples include a private driveway or access road.

    How does this align with the Wetland Policy?

    This change aligns with wetland policy requirements to complete a WAIF for activities that are low risk or have minimal permanent impacts to wetlands. The WAIF requires wetlands to be delineated and classified, and impacts to wetlands mitigated, in accordance with applicable wetland policy directives. Alberta Wetland Rapid Evaluation Tool – Desktop (ABWRET-D) results must be obtained, and replacement for the permanent loss of wetland area and relative value is still required for these activities. The WAIF must be signed by an authenticating professional and submitted with a regulatory application.

    How will my road widening project be impacted?

    The change to the WAIF will impact new applications submitted on or after September 21, and will not impact applications already submitted to the department or under review.

    If you are uncertain whether or not a proposed activity is eligible, please submit your wetland assessment question to

    How to download the updated WAIF on the Alberta Wetland Policy Implementation webpage

    1. Click on the following hyperlink to the Alberta Wetland Policy Implementation webpage:
    2. Scroll down to the Policy requirements section and click on Wetland Assessment to expand the content
    3. Click on the downloadable WAIF PDF under the Alberta Wetland Assessment and Impact Form subsection

    Contact information

    For more information, please contact either Angela Burkinshaw, Director, Grants and Program Delivery at, or Matthew Wilson, Wetlands Team Lead, Grants and Program Delivery at

  • 03 Sep 2020 5:00 PM | Christine Heggart (Administrator)

    Click here to read the latest issue of RoadRunner magazine. 

  • 18 Aug 2020 4:36 PM | Christine Heggart (Administrator)

    Click here to see the latest flyer from RMA approved supplier KalTire. 

  • 12 Mar 2020 2:23 PM | Christine Heggart (Administrator)
    On behalf of AMSA's executive team, please be advised that AMSA's spring convention scheduled for March 17-18 has now been cancelled.  This decision resulted from the growing concern related to COVID-19, many questions from AMSA members, with some municipalities indicating work-related travel restrictions being implemented. AMSA's executive also wishes to remain aligned with RMA's schedule, and have cancelled the AMSA spring convention following RMA's recent cancellation of their trade show and spring convention (see RMA notice in the email below). 

    Below are a few helpful links to keep up to date about COVID-19.  

    Alberta Health Services - Emergency Management (click here)

    Government of Alberta - Coronavirus Information for Albertans (click here)

    Take care,

    Christine (on behalf of President Shaune Kovitch) 

    RMA's cancellation message : 

    In light of the growing concern regarding the spread of COVID-19, the RMA is cancelling the Spring 2020 Convention and Trade show. Although our program was full with great speakers, and exhibitors, we look forward to offering an exciting program in the future.

    All registered delegates and exhibitors will receive a full refund, and reminded that they are responsible for cancelling hotels. 

    Though the association will take a significant financial hit as a result of this decision, the health and safety of our members, staff, delegates and government partners are of the utmost importance.

    We encourage members to continue to visit the Government of Alberta’s COVID-19 website for up to date information and we will continue to communicate information pertinent to municipalities as this issue evolves.

    We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work through the logistics of processing refunds and cancellations and will be in communication in the coming weeks regarding how resolutions brought forward will be handled.

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