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The Association

We are municipal public works leaders from across the province, and as AMSA members our goal is to improve service to our respective municipalities and citizens. 

AMSA provides a forum for the exchange and development of innovative ideas as well as opportunities for professional development.

Our Mandate

Alberta Municipal Supervisors Association mandate includes:

Helping members form a stronger bond with the municipalities they represent, by forming and reminding members of their responsibilities and commitment to carry out the policies and procedures of the Councils they serve.

Educating members through seminars, sharing of best practices and engaging related industries for training opportunities.

Meeting of members twice annually for the purpose of fellowship and sharing of mutual concerns.

President's Message

AMSA members are engaged in professional development and best practice sharing, and are positioned well for providing and receiving support of the broader team of public works professionals.

Sometimes a chat or phone call with a colleague from another jurisdiction is the best way to problem solve. Please remember your colleagues are only a phone call or a web meeting away and be sure to tap into the great minds that make up our AMSA membership of over 150 people.

I know of many AMSA members who are great at staying connected which translates to positive outcomes, both for individuals and municipalities. Employees who are invested in collaborating and learning from one another make for successful organizations.

Travis Wierenga 


Alberta Municipal Supervisors Association

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